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Specialized Environmental Consulting

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Who We Are

"the Tree of Life"

Iggdrasil draws its name from the immense and sacred ash tree. Often referred to as the Tree of Life, it connects all the realms of the biosphere.  We believe in the importance of working towards sustainable solutions with our clients. We provide expert guidance in the environmental and ecological fields which is honest and provides a sound basis for decision making. We focus on mining, energy, and civil engineering services. We have worked alongside government, research and development organisations, the private sector, and communities to meet clients needs as well as to ensure the preservation of the environment.

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What We Do

Iggdrasil Scientific Services (ISS) is a specialist biodiversity consulting company with expertise in biodiversity data collection and analysis; biodiversity planning, including the compilation of Biodiversity Management Plans (BMP), and State of the Environment reports (SoEs). ISS prides itself in high-quality reports and maps. Our main services are ecologically focused. We will gladly assist you in all of your ecological and environmental needs.

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Vegetation Assessments

  • Baseline Vegetation Assessments

  • Vegetation Audits

  • Plant Relocations

  • Community Structure Assessments

  • Critical Habitat Assessments

  • Rehabilitation Plans


River Health Assessments

  • Biomonitoring


  • In situ water quality analysis

  • Diatom analysis

  • Toxicology

  • Instream Flow Requirements


Alien Invasive Plant Surveys, Clearing and Monitoring

  • Alien Invasive Plant Surveys

  • Alien Invasive Eradication Control Plans


Fauna and Avifaunal Assessments

  • Fauna Identification

  • Faunal Assessments

  • Biodiversity Action Plans


Wetland Delineation and Assessments

  • Wetland Delineations

  • Wetland Health Assessments

  • Rehabilitation Plans

Ariel View of Islands

GIS and Ecological Mapping

  • Ecological Mapping

  • Create and Interpret data for topographical modelling and analysis

Windmills on green field

Ecological Management Plans

  • Biodiversity Action Plans

  • Game Farm Management Plans


Hydrogeological Surveys 

  • Flood Line Assessments

  • Surface and Groundwater Assessments

  • Stormwater Management


Ecological Training

  • Vegetation, River Health, GIS training sessions

Contact Us

Plot 424, Zwavelpoort, Pretoria, South Africa

072 200 6244

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